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Born in the USA!

Many great companies and products are “Born in the USA”.  Then the lure of lower production and operating costs tempt them to far away shores.  Years ago, the term “Made in China” was a sure way to know the product was cheap! Cheap price and cheap quality.  At the same time the phrase “Made in America” or “Made in the USA” carried the impression of high quality and value. What we didn’t notice until the last few years is that “Made in America” had a more important meaning.  We could produce it here, where it was needed!  (read my blog about keeping things local: https://warehousesupplyinc.com/vote/)

Supply chains have stretched around the world as companies seek to source quality goods at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, manufacturers have found that with this cost-driven decision comes increased risk in the form of poor quality, trade secret theft, supply chain disruptions,  lengthy delivery times, geopolitical tensions, and rising wage costs.

The last few years have really highlighted the importance of “Made in America.” The global impact of the pandemic highlighted how delicate our supply chain was. Food, medicine, tools, and many of the critical components we needed were being produced in other countries.  Those products couldn’t be produced or shipped, and entire industries came to a halt.

Recently, our industry has seen some manufacturers, like SK move their production out of the USA to foreign shores.  However, we are also seeing other manufactures are ‘reshoring’ their production. One such company is Milwaukee Tools.


Steve Richman, Milwaukee Tool’s President, has said, “By keeping vital hand tool production in the United States, we can provide jobs while maintaining complete quality control over these products our users rely on daily.” He highlighted that skilled American workers are essential to delivering the tolerances and specifications professionals expect from Milwaukee Tool’s products.


The new product line serves as a testament to Milwaukee Tool’s commitment to domestic manufacturing and American jobs. In recent years, the company has aimed to shift production of certain products back to the US whenever feasible. This allows them to fully oversee critical manufacturing processes while also benefiting local communities.

Milwaukee’s American factory operations

As they expand the made in USA offerings, there is tremendous potential for Milwaukee’s American factory operations to grow. For professional trades workers who take pride in their tools, Milwaukee’s latest launch provides quality products while also supporting US jobs. The made in America hand tools promise the high degree of innovation, performance, and durability that Milwaukee Tool’s reputation was built on.

Many companies are expanding their domestic purchasing. Thomasnet surveyed over 500 industrial buyers. 83% said they intend to place 10-12% more orders with domestic suppliers this year than last.  Those domestic purchases would inject $443 Billion into the US economy!  Economist estimates that for every dollar in final demand for domestic goods generates $1.48 to $2.00 in other services and production.  This small shift of 10-12% in increased domestic purchases could add almost a trillion dollars to our GDP.

Warehouse Supply Inc. has many of these new Milwaukee “Made in the USA” products in stock.  Come in today and see these high-quality products for yourself.  Born in the USA is more than a song!

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