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Prepare for Winter – It’s Coming!

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Colorado Winters! Those words bring up images of an idyllic snow-covered landscape just waiting for someone to make the first track in the fresh snow.  In reality, Colorado Winters is a bit of an oxymoron.   Maybe not at the level of military intelligence, jumbo shrimp, true myth or open secret, but it comes close. Our winters can be extreme…in both directions! 70 degrees and sunny one day to below zero and wind the next! 60-70 degree temperature swings in a few days are not only common, they are expected by those who have been here for a few years.  While I can’t tell you what the temperature will be on any given day this winter, I can tell you it will be in the 70s or better on some days and negative double digits on others. The warm days will mostly take care of themselves. The cold days we need to plan for!

Warehouse Supply Can Help You Winterize

Warehouse Supply offers a wide range of products that will help you prepare for the cold weather. Warehouse Supply has the obvious products like Howes diesel treatment and Havoline antifreeze, snow shovels and ice scrapers.  In addition, Warehouse Supply offers a large range of other products to help you get through the coming cold snaps!

A Few of Our Winter Products

  • Canvas Tarps: Warehouse Supply offers high-quality canvas tarps to cover sensitive equipment. With sizes ranging from 6’ x 8’ to 32’ x 33’ all in heavy high quality 16oz canvas Warehouse Supply has the canvas tarp to fit your needs.
  • Extension cords: Warehouse Supply offers Pro Glo extension cords and the popular Pro Lock extension cord that features a patented locking connector that prevents accidental disconnects. Both extension cords feature lighted connectors and a Constant Ground Monitoring (CGM) safety system that tells you at a glance that the cord is connected and is safely grounded.  Both extension cords are available in a choice of colors, lengths and gauges.  Ask about having your extension cords personalized for your operation.
  • Generac Generators: Generac generators are an industry leader in portable generators. Remote power supply or power loss can create many problems. Loss of heat, light or the ability to run critical equipment, a Generac generator can save the day. Get your Generac Generator today and be prepared for tomorrow.
  • Livestock tank heaters: Tired of clearing ice from your water tanks? Warehouse Supply has several tank deicers to choose from. From 250-watt tank deicers for small 25-gallon tanks to floating or submerged 1500-watt deicers for larger tanks.  These deicers will take one thing off the chore list.
  • DEKA Booster cables/Jumper cables: Booster cables are a critical tool any time of year and especially during the cold months. Don’t go into winter without a quality set up heavy duty booster cables. Our heavy duty 2-gauge DEKA jumper cables offer 20ft of length with heavy duty high tension clamps for side or top mounted posts.  
  • Sta-bil Fuel stabilizers: Sta-bil fuel stabilizers ensure your equipment will jump back to life after a long winter. Sta-bil fuel stabilizer will keep your fuel fresh for up to 24 months. Eliminates the need to drain fuel prior to storage and prevents gum and varnish buildup. Sta-bil is effective in ethanol and non-ethanol fuels and all gasoline engines.
  • Penray Air Brake antifreeze: Make sure your air brakes do not freeze up this winter. Protect your brake system with Penray Air Brake antifreeze. Penray air brake antifreeze protects your brake system from corrosion and rust as well as preventing freezing.
  • Howes Diesel treat and Howes Diesel lifeline: Howes Diesel treat is the best solution to fight diesel gelling in cold climates and is designed to solve the problems from today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel. Howes Diesel lifeline is designed to deal with emergencies caused by the toughest winter weather. This fast-acting product works to re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ice frozen fuel filters. Be prepared for anything by stocking up on Howes diesel treatment and Howes Diesel Lifeline before you need it!
  • Havoline Antifreeze/coolant: Warehouse Supply has a full line of Havoline Antifreeze/Coolants for all of your needs. Havoline Universal Antifreeze/Coolant, Dex-Cool and premixed. Havoline Antifreeze/Coolants will ensure your equipment is safe from damage.
  • Splash windshield washer fluid: It never fails. Our slushy winter roads have you pushing the washer fluid button constantly in an effort to keep our windows clean. Be prepared with Splash All Season windshield washer fluid.  This all season windshield washer fluid is good to -25 degrees!
  • Prestone Ice and Frost Shield: Tired of waiting for the vehicle to warm up. Prestone Ice and Frost shield helps ice, frost and snow slide off with little to no scrapping. Just apply Prestone ice and frost shield the night before and make those cold mornings a little easier.
  • Cold Weather Gear:
    • Gloves: Warehouse Supply has a full line of winter work gloves to keep your hands warm. Leather work gloves, lined winter gloves, impact gloves, nitrile gloves, glove liners and more. Whatever glove you need to keep your hands warm this winter we can help.
    • Balaclava-hard hat liner: Protect your neck, face and head this winter with our toasty warm fleece balaclava and hard hat liners. These balaclavas and hard hat liners are comfortable, stretchable and are anti-static and FR rated!
  • Interstate Batteries: Winter is an automotive battery killer. Cold temperatures, hard cranking engines and short run times can lead to battery failure at the worst time. Warehouse Supply are an authorized Interstate Battery dealer and offer a full range of Interstate batteries for everything from your lawn mower, your tractors, trucks and automobiles. Make sure your critical equipment is ready to run with a new Interstate battery!
  • Heat tape: Frozen pipes are one of the most costly, damaging problems in the winter. They happen in the coldest weather and if not identified early, can cause extensive damage when it warms up. Water damage in the winter can be difficult to cleanup and repair. Protect your water lines this winter with heat tape from 6ft up to 30ft in length.
  • Milk house-Portable Heaters: One of the most versatile portable electric heaters that has stood the test of time. Milk house heaters have been a staple in many homes, farms and commercial operations for years. milk house heaters are a safe, effective, portable and reliable way to keep problem areas warm.  Need something bigger?  We can help there to!  Come in and check out the Val 6 infrared heaters! Odorless, smokeless, 100% fuel to energy conversion and over 100,000BTU/hr, this heater will keep you warm! 
  • Blue Rhino Propane exchange: Almost every home, business and farm use 20# propane tanks. Propane weed burners/torches, propane grills, propane powered equipment, propane fire pits and more. Warehouse Supply maintain a stock of #20propane tanks ready to exchange or buy new.
  • Ice melt: Slip and fall is one of the most common accidents in the winter months. Make sure you have ice melt on hand to keep the walks and drives clear this winter. 
  • Weather Stripping: Stop that draft! There always seems to be that one spot that we only think about when the wind is just right! We have a selection of weather stripping to help you seal up the leak. 
  • Master Starting fluid: There is always that one piece of equipment that is hard starting when it gets cold. Stock up on Master Starting Fluid to help get you going!   

Don’t get caught unprepared this winter!

Come in and let Warehouse Supply help get your operation ready for whatever this Colorado winter might have in store.  Warehouse Supply can also keep your operation running with a complete line of power tools, hand tools, hardware and other products. If we don’t have it, we will find it for you.  Come see how Warehouse Supply can be part of your successful operation.

Closing thoughts 

George Jean Nathan once said “Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.”  No matter what side of the issues you are on, it is clear that everyone believes that some of our elected officials are less than ideal.  Make sure your voice is heard!

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