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Pandemic to Pandemonium

Pandemic impacts Just over a year ago we sent an open letter to our customers advising them to prepare for some potential impacts from the looming pandemic. We anticipated a shortage on products many of us use in our daily life that may be impacted by the pandemic. Some were easy to see like nitrile

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manhattan island warehouse supply blog

What is the price of…?

Peter Minuit purchased the island of Manhattan for $24.00 in beads and trinkets from the natives on the island in the early 1600s.  Did they get good value??? The current value of the island of Manhattan is around $850 billion. The price of an item is not the same as the cost of the item! 

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Sunfire Heaters at Warehouse Supply in LaSalle CO

Sunfire Heaters

Cold and Heat The cold never bothered me anyway… Don’t tell the kids, but Elsa is a liar! Cold bothers anyone who has to work in it every day! People that work in cold conditions know two things. Everything takes longer when it’s cold and, everything is COLD! We have all tried different ways to

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hydraulic hoses warehouse supply inc LaSalle

Hydraulic Systems

Everyone uses hydraulic systems! As your car crashes through your new garage door, it is the wrong time to think about maintaining the hydraulic hose on your brake system. We all use hydraulic systems. We have to decide if we want to maintain it or replace it?  Most people don’t know they have a hydraulic

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Vote warehouse supply


Vote early, Vote often! Tired of all the election ads, phone calls, texts and talk on the radio and television? I hope not, the truth is we hear and see ads screaming for our votes every day of the year. We also vote every day and usually multiple times per day. I am not talking

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snow blower small engine repair

Small Engine Repair

Is your small engine ready to go? I woke up this morning to a foot of new snow on the ground.  Set the alarm a little early so I could get the trusty snow thrower out and clear the drive and walks before the wife and I needed to head to work. Wow, it’s cold

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